New Job, New Life



It was almost 2 weeks i get back to work again. In different place, different city, and i have to say it’s a big one, and above all, it’s a new field for me.

I’m in Export-Import Dept now. It’s my first time to experiencing such job. I find it interesting since i can learn new things here and i can improve my skills. But, sometimes i feel bored. Because all i can do is just wait and sit. I have to watch incoming email, every of them, and composing a reply to them. it’s kinda hurting my back!. Well, maybe that’s just because i have to work again after having a long break. I need to get used to it sooner or later.

But i still feel grateful for all this things Allah gave to me after suffering a series of sad things for the whole year. It’s a gift. it’s a new life. I have to reviving my dreams, therefore i will survive.


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